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     Choosing the right Riverside area home inspector is critical to the success of your home purchase and Riverside home inspection.  A thorough home inspection is needed in order to make an educated and informed Real Estate purchase decision.  A Riverside home inspection is the key understanding the true condition of the home.  Beacon Property Inspection understands this and provides a certified, experienced and unmatched thorough first class professional home inspection in Riverside.  Beacon Property Inspection does not only provide home inspections in Riverside, we also provide Temecula, Murrieta, Moreno Valley, San Diego and all surrounding areas with the same professional first class home inspection services. 

     Our Riverside home inspectors are exceptionally qualified, experienced and trained to perform home inspections and spot any areas of concern that can be quite costly to repair.  Furthermore, our Riverside home inspectors are also highly educated and graduates of leading Home inspection educational institutions.  Also, our home inspectors are also fully certified and every year must complete at least 24 additional units of home inspection education.  Moreover, annually our home inspectors must re-take and pass a national home inspector examination to remain certified. 

     When we are done with your Riverside home inspection, you can rest assured you will understand everything about the home and home inspection.  Place your trust in Beacon Real Estate Inspection home inspectors to perform and professionally communicate your Riverside home inspection, as well as, Temecula, Murrieta, Moreno Valley, San Diego and Surrounding cities home inspection and you will be 100% satisfied and confident you chose the right home inspector guaranteed.

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Trust Beacon Property Inspection to provide your Home Inspection in Riverside and beyond and you will receive,                             

  • An honest, objective and thorough professional home inspection in Riverside and surrounding areas
  • An experienced, certified home inspector who is committed to helping you understand your home inspection. I diligently perform every home inspection as if it were my own home purchase and spend as much time as needed to make sure you understand your home and home inspection report
  • A FREE Home Consultant to call on anytime before and after your Riverside area home inspection
  • A FREE Limited Swimming Pool Inspection included with your home inspection
  • A professional and easy to understand computer generated home inspection report that includes many color photos and illustrations.
  • A FREE return visit to inspect any major components that are found to be defective during the home inspection and are repaired
  • A continually educated Riverside home inspector who is Certified performing your home inspection.  A home inspector formerly a licensed contractor, is highly educated and experienced in performing Home Inspections and also has a Bachelor's Degree professionally communicating your home inspection and report
  • A Riverside Home Inspector who goes above and beyond official home inspection standards of practice
  • An understanding of every item in and outside the home by the time I am finished with your Riverside home inspection

Other Services Offered:

  • Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Pool Cleaning and Water Chemistry Consultations
  • Discounted Pool Chemicals such as Chlorine and Floater Tablets as well as cleaning supplies




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