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Beacon Property Inspection provides an unmatched home inspection, exceptional first class service and a professionally communicated home inspection report in Murrieta. By the time we are done, you will understand your Murrieta home inspection and Murrieta home.  Put your trust in Beacon to perform and professionally communicate your Murrieta home inspection and you will be 100% satisfied.


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Trust Beacon Property Inspection to provide your Home Inspection in Murrieta and you will receive,                             

  • An honest, objective and thorough professional home inspection in Murrieta
  • An experienced, certified Murrieta home inspector.  I am committed to helping you understand your home inspection.  I diligently perform every Murrieta home inspection as if it were my own home purchase and spend as much time as needed to make sure you understand your home inspection report and Murrieta home.
  • A FREE Check for Recalls on the appliances in the home is included with your Murrieta home inspection
  • A FREE Home Consultant to call on anytime before or after your home inspection in Murrieta
  • A professional and easy to understand computer generated Murrieta home inspection report that includes many color photos and illustrations.
  • A FREE return visit to inspect any major components that are found to be defective and repaired
  • A continually educated Murrieta home inspector who is Certified performing your Murrieta home inspection. A Murrieta home inspector that was a licensed contractor, is continually educated and experienced in performing home inspections in Murrieta and also has a Bachelor's Degree professionally communicating your home inspection report
  • A Murrieta home inspector who goes above and beyond to help. I follow the INACHI home inspection standards of practice
  • An understanding of the inside and outside the Murrieta home by the time I am finished with your Murrieta home inspection


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